vapor living rewards and referral program

Instructions for you and your friends to receive a 50% off E-Liquid coupon code!

To Gift and Receive Reward:

- Log into your Vapor Living account, if you are not currently a customer, you can register now at

- Once registered, look for a Blue Rewards icon on the bottom right of your mobile phone or desktop computer. (Icon may take 5-10 seconds to pop-up)

- Click the icon, it will then prompt you to copy a referral link, or share your referral link through Email, Facebook or Twitter.

- Once your friend receives their link, the link will direct them to the Vapor Living homepage, then Vapor Living Rewards will pop-up prompting your friend to claim their reward by entering their email.

- Once they enter their email, a unique discount code will appear and a backup copy of the code will be sent to their email.

- Your friend must then register their account at

- At checkout, once your friend redeems their code, you will be emailed your unique discount code and you both can enjoy 50% off E-Liquid for this Holiday Season!

Happy Shopping!